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Timezone support

KX Stream provides a set of analytics to convert between timezones and allow for daylight-savings time.

The APIs can be added to any process by adding the DxTZ analytic group to the instance.

The timezone data is stored as a table of offsets from GMT built from a CSV file. This file is built from the IANA timezone database and updated with every release.


Syntax: dxTZFromGMT[tz;ts]

Converts timestamp ts from GMT to timezone tz.

q)dxTZFromGMT[`$"America/New_York"; 1976.02.01D00:00:00.0]


Syntax: dxTZToGMT[tz;ts]

Converts timestamp ts to GMT from timezone tz.

q)dxTZToGMT[`$"America/New_York"; 1976.05.01D00:00:00.0]


Syntax: dxTZSwitch[tz1;tz0;ts]

Converts timestamp ts from timezone tz0 to timezone tz1

q)dxTZSwitch[`$"Asia/Kolkata"; `$"America/New_York"; 1976.05.01D00:00:00.0]

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