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Process to delete, zip or move old files.


The below table details the DC_ARCHIVE template parameters.

name type default value description
findFunct Analytic dxFileMatch Analytic used to find files in a directory
fileConfig Config DC_ARCHIVE_FILES Files to archive


For each row in the fileConfig config parameter:

  • If numDaysOlderThan is -1 the row is ignored.
  • The findFunct analytic is run, the analytic should take 1 parameter which is the row passed in as a dictionary. e.g. dxFileMatch uses the system find command to find files or folders older than numDaysOlderThan in the directory like fileRegex but not like ignoreFileRegex.
  • For each file or folder returned by findFunct the analytic in the row is run e.g. dxFileGzip or dxFileDelete. This analytic should also take 1 parameter which is the row passed in as a dictionary + the file/folder added as a dictionary key.
  • dxFileDelete will run rm –fr file.
  • dxFileGzip will run tar or gzip to create an archive file, and move it to destinationDirectory if destinationDirectory is not null.

See Also: Archiving files

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