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MQTT integration

KX Delta Platform offers direct integration with MQTT through a KX Delta Platform asset package. It offers the full functionality available detailed at

Currently all Linux flavours supported by the KX Delta Platform support MQTT integration including Ubuntu 16/18 and Red Hat 7/8.

KxMqtt prerequisites

Please ensure that you have MQTT C API paho libraries installed on your server and mosquito installed to test publishing and subscribing to MQTT topics.

The only other requirement is the ability to update the $QHOME with the necessary libraries and Kdb+ script wrapper as part of the KX Delta Platform installation.

KX Delta Platform KxMqtt asset installation

The KxMqtt KX Delta Platform asset is installed in the same way as all KX Delta Platform, KX Delta Platform asset and Solution packages are installed. Place the package in the relevant package directory and run through the installation script. Further details on KX Delta Platform and package deployment can be retrieved via the Deployment guides

KxMqtt KX Analyst integration

KxMqtt is fully integrated with the KX Analyst component of the KX Delta Platform.

.mqtt namespace functionality

A full reference of the .mqtt namespace, outlining the necessary broker interactions and inbuilt callbacks, can be found here


For more details on using MQTT in q, see: