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Netcon support

Windows installations of KX Platform support the use of Netcon to set socket options.

Documentation for Netcon itself is available to KX for Sensors clients.

That documentation will indicate that two environment variables must be set, namely


One approach would be to set the Netcon library directory to be delta-bin/config and to have the Netcon configuration file in that directory also. In that case the environment variables could be set in delta-bin/delta.profile as:


To configure the KX Platform for Netcon, ensure the Netcon executable is in the delta-bin/config directory of the environment.

In addition, two Platform environment variables must be updated in delta-bin/delta.profile:

set DELTACONTROL_NETCONEXE=<name of Netcon executable>

Once the environment is started after these changes KX Platform processes will attempt to invoke the configured Netcon executable on start up.

Upgrading an Existing Deployment

The KX Platform Tomcat package contains a script change (to catalina.bat) to allow Tomcat to invoke Netcon when started.

If you are installing a KX Platform patch to get Netcon support there could be a scenario where the Tomcat version in the patch matches the existing Tomcat version in your KX Platform Windows environment. In this case the normal upgrade process would not make any changes to the existing Tomcat and thus not add the script change to catalina.bat.

In this scenario only, the install.bat script in the KX Platform patch, which performs the upgrade, can force a Tomcat upgrade. To perform this, pass the replaceTomcat option when running the install.bat script:

install.bat replaceTomcat

If you are attempting this it is strongly advised to make a back up of the Tomcat directory (KxPlatformWinDeploy_*\delta-bin\software\Tomcat_*) before the upgrade.

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