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PyKX integration

KX Delta Platform 4.8.1 and later is integrated with PyKX. It offers the full functionality of using Python in a q session as documented in

Currently all Linux flavours supported by the KX Delta Platform support PyKX integration. As part of the KX Delta Platform installation, the necessary files for PyKX will be installed into the QHOME directory.

KX Delta Platform PyKX dependencies

The dependencies for PyKX are listed in During installation the KX Delta Platform installer will attempt to detect your python version and pip version to install the package. If either of these are not installed, the installation will be skipped.

Users will require a k4.lic or kc.lic with the required feature flags enabled to use PyKX features within KX Delta Platform. Attempting to use an unlicensed version of PyKX will be blocked. For more information see prerequisites.

KX Delta Platform PyKX installation

PyKX will automatically be installed into KX Delta Platform upon upgrade to KX Delta Platform 4.8.1 if all dependencies are met.

If the server is running multiple versions of python or pip, it will be necessary to specify the alias used for the installation. This can be done by adding the following to the install config profile.


The installer will then check for these executables in the PATH.

The PyKX libraries will not be automatically loaded into q sessions on start up. These can be initialized by running the command

\l pykx.q

or by executing a python statement within a q session using the p) notation.

For any issues with installing or inititializing PyKX, please refer to our troubleshooter

Upgrading from KX EmbedPy

The KX Delta Platform installer will detect if there is an existing installation of KX EmbedPy. As there are significant syntax differences between PyKX and EmbedPy, the installer will not automatically overwrite EmbedPy with PyKX. Prior to upgrade it is important to understand the differences listed in Upgrading from EmbedPy. Upgrading to PyKX from EmbedPy is done by adding the following to the install config profile.


It is also possible to manually install from CLI by following the instructions in installation

PyKX KX Analyst integration

PyKX is fully integrated with the KX Analyst component of the KX Delta Platform. This ensures you will be able to recognise python files and migrate variables through the Analyst interface. Further information can be found in KX Analyst.