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This process is used to poll/scan a configurable set of directories for target files. Upon identification of the arrival of a target file an analytic is called which can load the data from that file, transform/cleanse the data and publish it onto the platform.

On finding any file, a message Is published to identify that a file has arrived and if the file matches the regular expression in configuration, it will also try to process that file.

An Alert can be triggered for a missing file based on expected arrival time.


The below table details the FILEWATCHER template parameters.

name type default value description
initialStateFunct Analytic dxEmptyFunctionNull Sets the analytic to run on start up
messagingServer Configuration DS_MESSAGING_SERVER Messaging server
publishChannel Symbol Messaging channel to publish on
pollInterval Integer 30 Poll Interval
fileListConfigName Configuration DS_FILEWATCHER_MATCHTABLE Config parameter to use to load file information
consumerProcesses Process Instance Published to processes
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