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PyKX installation troubleshooter

The following procedure can help identify and resolve issues with installation.

Check Dependencies

The installer uses python and pip to complete the installation of PyKX. Supported versions are currently python 3.8 to 3.11. Check these are present on your server before attempting to install PyKX.

Check License flags are enabled.

From the q console run the following command to print the list of Insights Core flags enabled.

" " vs .z.l 4

In order to run PyKX with q, it is imperative to have the insights.lib.embedq and insights.lib.pykx flags enabled. See licenses for further details regarding obtaining a license.

Check libpython

Running PyKX within a q session requires libpython installed on the server. If multiple versions are installed, PyKX may fail to detect this library. To resolve this add the below to delta.profile with the path to the libpython version. You will need to restart q processes to pick up the change.

export PYKX_PYTHON_LIB_PATH=/usr/lib64/

Upgrade from EmbedPy

The following commands can be executed to determine which package is loaded into a q session running python.

EmbedPy - returns 1b if embedPy is installed

`embedPy in key `.p

PyKX - returns PyKX version if PyKX is installed


If expecting PyKX to overwrite EmbedPy, check that you have followed the steps in Upgrading from KX EmbedPy.