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Control UI API permissions

An administrator can make use of the full Control Web UI. If there are users who are not administrators but need to interact with the UI there are several permission groups that can be applied.

The API is granular around entity types. A user can be given permission to some or all of the API groups to allow them to carry out different roles.

Many permissions may require access to the entity itself, for example task permission will be based entirely on whether the user has permission to the parent process instance.

Permission to create an entity will be based on whether a user has update permission on the relevant API group. For example, to create an analytic the user must have update permission on the UxAnalytics API group.

If a user has permission for a workflow they will see all tasks in that workflow when it is opened, regardless of process instance permission level.

The basic Control UI functionality, including being able to view the navigation tree and process status view, is governed by permission to the UxControl API group.

The permissions can be assigned to a user or a user group in the Entity Permissions tab.



Ux permission list:

permission details
UxProcess create/edit instances, templates, workflows, tasks, services
UxInterrogation instance, task, services, workflow run history, reading log files (included in UxProcess)
UxRuntime start/stop instances, tasks, services, workflows (included in UxInterrogation, UxProcess)
UxAnalytics create/edit analytics, analytic groups
UxConfiguration create/edit configuration parameters, configuration parameter groups
UxConnections create/edit connections, connection groups
UxEntityGroups create/edit entity groups
UxEmails create/edit email distribution lists
UxSchemas create/edit schema, schema groups
UxDashboards UI dashboards, UI settings
UxSessions enable/disable logging, force logout
UxUsers create users, user groups
UxAccounts lock/unlock users, change/reset passwords
UxActionTrackers create/edit action trackers, action queues, action transitions, resolutions
UxControl basic Control UI functionality, navigation tree, process status view
UxPackaging create, save, import and export packages
UxRevision entity revision history, details, revert entity (included in entity Ux groups)
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