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Changes in 4.2.1


Table callbacks

The ability to specify callbacks per table has been added at the messaging level. The example below shows the APIs to manage callbacks.

 callback:{[t;x] 0N!(t;x) };
 trade:([] time:.z.p; sym:`A`B; price:100 200.; size:1000 1000)

 // add a callback
 .dm.addCallback[`trade; `callback];

 // execute callbacks
 .dm.applyCallbacks[`trade; trade];
 /=> (`trade;+`time`sym`price`size!(2018.08.06D05:42:44.188299000 2018.08.06D05:42:44.188299000;`A`B;100 200f;1000 1000))

 // remove callback
 .dm.removeCallback[`trade; `callback];

Multiple callbacks can be added for each table.


The reconnection logic is now configurable via enhanced instance parameters. See the Messaging section for more information.

HDB template

A new process parameter, reloadFunct, has been added to the DS_HDB template. This is an analytic that will be called whenever the HDB is reloaded.

It should be an analytic with no parameters.


Report run info

Run information of past reports can now be searched using start and end times.

Run the report

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