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Environment information

KX platform ports

The various software components are preconfigured to use a set of default ports. The ports below are required to be free on the box for each installation.

Port Process Description Access
2001 KX Control Port for control server process Desktop to port 2001 on platform deploy server
2002 LogStreamer Port for Log Streamer process which allows communication and synchronization between Control instances Server to Server in Control cluster
8080 Tomcat HTTP Port Desktop to port 8080 on platform deploy server
8443 Tomcat HTTPS Port Desktop to port 8443 on platform deploy server (where Apache Tomcat is deployed with SSL/HTTPS)

Platform config


The configuration for the KX Platform is stored in the delta.profile (Linux) delta.profile.bat (Windows) which can be found here ~/kxinstall/delta-bin/.

It contains a number of Environment variables which are used to configured, ports, paths and options for the KX Platform.

The delta.profile also contains a path to the current version of each deployed package, this is used when Control is importing the package contents into its internal tables at deploy time.

############ Package ENV ###############
export DELTA_DEV_PACKAGE_HOME=${DELTA_HOME}/dev_packages

KX Control sources this file on start-up and then has access to to the variables.


The host/port/taskset configuration for the individual processes started via KX Control is stored in the delta.instance.profile (Linux) delta.instance.profile.bat (windows) which can be found here ~/kxinstall/delta-bin/.

It contains a number of environment variables for each configured process.

############ Deltacontrol INSTANCES ###############
export ds_appServer_a_HOST=""
export ds_appServer_a_PORT="3001"
export ds_appServer_a_TASKSET="1-9"
export ds_appServer_b_HOST="NO_HOST_SET"
export ds_appServer_b_PORT="3001"
export ds_appServer_b_TASKSET="1-9"
export ds_jemail_a_HOST=""
export ds_jemail_a_PORT="3002"
export ds_jemail_a_TASKSET="1-9"
export ds_jemail_b_HOST="NO_HOST_SET"
export ds_jemail_b_PORT="3002"
export ds_jemail_b_TASKSET="1-9"

KX Control sources this file on start-up and then has access to the variables to allow it to determine how to run each process.

Deployment layout

The root directory of a deploy contains the following directory structure:

Directory Contents
checkpoint Control checkpoints which are point in time snapshots of a Control installation in the form of a set of XML files.. These provide rollback functionality.
delta-bin Start scripts, base Packages (kdb+, KX Control) and 3rd party packages (Tomcat)
delta-data Process log files and the data associated with the installation including KX Control internal tables, Ticker Plant logs files, Historical Databases etc
packages Solution and Custom Environment packages whose content is imported into KX Control

Log files

KX Control (DeltaControl.log) and process log files can be found at the following location:


Tomcat and Application server log files can be found at the following location:


Platform data

The delta-data folder contains all the data associated with the platform along with the process log files. By default the delta-data directory lives at the same level as the delta-bin directory inside the deploy.

If you wish to specify a different location for the delta-data dir (i.e. in order to put it on a different disk/partition) then you will need to uncomment the following inside the bundle install config (scripts/install.config) or add the following to a custom install config (passed in via -p).

# Custom location for delta-data dir

The delta-data directory location will now be created at the path specified by delta-data-dir in the install configuration. See Install Config for more details.

Default workflows

The KX Platform comes with a set of preconfigured workflows which can be started once the platform has been deployed. A file called startup_workflows.txt is copied into ~/kxinstall/delta-bin/config and this lists the workflows which will be started when the script is called.

The preconfigured workflows are listed below:

Workflow Description
DS_launch_MS_A Messaging Service: Process instance which aids discovery for publishers and subscribers within the system
DS_launch_ALERT_A Alerts Eco-System: Process instances required to configure and generate alerts
DS_launch_OPS_A Operations Eco-System. Process instances to store and provide access to monitoring statistics
DS_launch_REPORT_A Reporting Eco-System: Process instances required to configure and generate reports
DS_launch_AT_A Action Tracker Eco-System: Process instances required to create, transition and store action tracker items
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