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External Application Launcher provides the ability to start external applications from Delta Control including applications that include the Delta Control API.


The below table details the DS_LAUNCH template parameters.

name type default value description
workingDirectory Symbol .(for current directory) Specifies the working directory of the external application
command Symbol Command to run external application
parameterText Symbol Input parameters required by external application
blockOnCommand Boolean false If this is false then & is added to the end of the command line. The user should always set this to false
runInBackground Boolean true This adds nohup to the start of the command

Configuration Parameters

name type default value description
parameterConfig Configuration Parameter DS_LAUNCH_COMMANDLINE_PARAMS This provides parameter names and values


  • Process runs a system command to change into the directory of the external application.
  • Sets launch behavior as assigned in input parameters
  • System call is made to run command to start external application.