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Log replay

The log replay process is responsible for the intraday writedowns from the RDB to the IHDB. It also does the EOD writedowns from the RDB and IHDB to the HDB. Writedown frequency is determined by setting the intraday frequency parameters in the LR and the TP.

  • To create an LR, right-click on the Navigation panel in the KxWarehouse Package and select New > Service Class from the context menu.


  • In Service Details, provide a description for the instance.

  • Configure the Service Parameters. The tables in the intradayTableList should match the ones configured in the TP section.

parameter value
logFileList ENV=DELTADATA_HOME=/KxWarehouseData/tplog/mon_tp_%DATE%
logReplayFunct dxLogReplayRecoveryIntraday
finalStateFunct dxFinalRecoveryIntraday
intradayDirectory ENV=DELTADATA_HOME=/KxWarehouseData/intraday
intradayTableList monCPU, monMem, monDisk
hdbServices kxw_hdb
rdbServices kxw_rdb
ihdbServices kxw_ihdb
  • Save the service class.
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