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Package deployments

To ensure both leader and follower nodes in the cluster are in sync when importing packages the import API now records the state change after the package import and this in turn keeps nodes in sync.

Additional considerations

Consider the following scenario


The cluster is taken down with Node A coming down first. Node B which is still up, experiences some state changes which causes its UID to increment by 2. Node B is then taken down.

When the installer is then run on each node it only imports packages on Node A(which it assumes is the leader). When the cluster comes up Node B, which is the leader (has the highest UID) syncs its state to Node A, causing the import changes on Node A to be lost.

To avoid this, there is a state file in the DeltaControlData directory where a value of 1 = M and 0 = S. The install script now uses this file exclusively to determine the state on a given node and to decide whether to permform an auto import.

Upgrade path

These changes will have an effect on the upgrade path as the state file will not exist prior to the upgrade. In this scenario and in all scenarios where we cannot confirm the state of a node, we will run the import. As part of this change the delta-package-auto-import option has been disabled in the installer and if it is set to 0 in an install.config you will see the following logging:

Warn: delta-package-auto-import=0 invalid
Warn: Import settings will be automatically determined

The following rules should be observed when dealing with KX Control clusters:

  • Node with highest UID is the leader, all followers sync state from the leader.
  • If 2 nodes are brought up and have the same UID then the one which matches the first entry in the failover.csv will be the leader (preferred leader).
  • When preparing for an upgrade the follower nodes should always be brought down first
  • Before bringing down any node check the DeltaControlData/cluster/status or DeltaControl.log to confirm its state (leader or follower)
  • Always ensure that the package import has happened on at least 1 node in the cluster.


Don't assume the preferred leader is always the current leader in the cluster.

Shutdown the followers before shutting down the leader.

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