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Changes in 4.3.0


Publish to channels

Existing messaging APIs (*) publish to all channels. New copies of each have been added to publish to a specific channel instead of all.

  • .dm.pubc
  • .dm.pubnoreplyc
  • .dm.pubflushc
  • .dm.pubdatac
  • .dm.pubmultc
data:flip `time`sym`src!(.z.p; `$("EUR/USD";"EUR/GBP"); `DB);[`trade; data]
.dm.pubc[`channel; `trade; data]

See the Template API Guide for full details.



Fixed issue with ordering of multi-table publish APIs. Previously tables could be published with different order than specified, e.g. `dfxQuote`dfxTrade could become `dfxTrade`dfxQuote. The APIs will always obey the input table order.


Previously, multi-publish messages would be broken into individual updates tables when written to the transaction log. The message (`updM; `tab1`tab2; ..) would be split into two;

(`upd; `tab1; ..)
(`upd; `tab2; ..)

The message is now stored grouped as published without splitting (`updM; `tab1`tab2; ..).

Event callbacks

The parameter to the disconnect callback .dm.cb.disconnect has changed from a integer list of length one to an atomic integer. For details of messaging event callbacks see

Event callbacks

Action tracker


This release contained considerable changes to the Action Tracker analytics. It is advised for solution teams to re-examine any of the Stream analytics that have been forked into other packages. These should be reverted to the Stream versions or the new changes should be incorporated into the forked ones.

Reopen transition

The reopen operation has been enhanced to behave as a normal transition. This includes;

  • Being configurable from the Control UI - including transition analytics, notifications, assignments etc
  • Can be permissioned by role
  • Appears as a normal transition in the user dashboard

The main difference with the Reopen transition isn't tied to a specific queue. Normal transitions go between two specific queues, whereas Reopen goes between any final queue and the initial one. This means it's opened and configured from the Action Tracker editor in the Control UI and not from a specific queue.



Since the reopen permissions are managed differently, solutions may need to re-apply the desired role permissions for it on upgrade.

Reopening items

Previously when items were reopened, the UI did not display their attachments. This has been fixed.

Queue timeout

Bug fixed where if an item timed out on one queue, the timeout action wouldn't run on subsequent queues.

Reissue data

A new mode has been added for action trackers with reissues enabled. This allows for the item data, such as tag columns, transaction time etc, to come from either the first or latest alert. The field is available in the Action Tracker editor in the KX Control UI. If enabled, the dashboard will display the data from the last reissue.

Bulk attachments

It is now possible to attach a file to several action tracker items at once. This can be achieved by selecting them all in the current items panel, clicking upload and checking the Apply to all selected items box.


Report client

New API added to run a report and optionally overwrite the target and timeout of at runtime. This removes the need to have many duplicate report instances.

callback:{.log.out[.z.h; "ran report instance"; ()]}

// use defaults
.rpt.client.runDict[`DS_FX_DAILY_DATA_TODAY; `params`actions!(params; actions); ()!(); callback]

// overwrite defaults
.rpt.client.runDict[`DS_FX_DAILY_DATA_TODAY; `params`actions`target`timeout!(params; actions; `ds_gw_fx_eval; 30i); ()!(); callback]

See the Template API Guide for full details.

Optional parameters now available to DeltaAPIService

KX Stream Java API now exposes the same optional parameters interface available in C# API

Public API Servive

Connections removed from KX Stream

All connections have been removed from KX Stream. Any connections that were in connection groups have been replaced with the corresponding process instances.

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