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Instance config

Process instances are configured via the delta-bin/delta.instance.profile which is written by the install script. The delta.instance.profile defines the Host, Port and Taskset values for each process instance contained within the Platform.

The values given for Host, Port and Taskset can be defined in several ways. The options are detailed below.

Auto configuration

The following install script options are used to automatically configure the process instances.

Install Option        Value Type Default Details
auto-configure-instance-portstart Port 3000 This is the seed value for all process instances configured by the install script. Each instance will have a port which is an increment of this value i.e. 3000, 3001, 3003 etc.
auto-configure-instance-hostname-a hostname Install server hostname The host name which all process instances ending in _a will be assigned. Delta Stream is shipped with 2 copies of all tasks, instances and workflows. This is to allow for a resilient (A/B) configuration across 2 servers.
auto-configure-instance-hostname-b hostname Install server hostname The host name which all process instances ending in _b will be assigned. If deploying a and b on the same host then each instance in the pair will have different port values, if deployed on different hosts each instance will have the same port value.
auto-configure-instance-taskset Taskset CPU list NONE Taskset CPU list which will be applied to all processes in the delta.instance.profile. The syntax is the same as that which would be used when specifying a CPU mask with the –c option (see man taskset).

Note: A process with a blank/empty taskset will inherit the taskset from KDB_CPU_AFFINITY or DCD_CPU_AFFINITY, depending on whether it is a Control node, or a Daemon/Web node. For more details see Core Affinity.

CSV File configuration

A csv file containing configuration details for process instances can be used as an alternative to automatic configuration.

The CSV file should be in the following format:


For example if we wished to configure an instance called “ds_ms_a” to run on host”, listening on port “4000” and being bound to CPU cores “1-4” we would put the following in the instances CSV file.


The CSV file is passed into the install script using the -i command line option. e.g.

./ -i instances.csv -p install.config

Once the install completes you should see the following in the delta.instance.profile.

grep ds_ms_a ~/kxinstall/delta-bin/delta.instance.profile
export ds_ms_a_HOST=""
export ds_ms_a_PORT="4000"
export ds_ms_a_TASKSET="1-4"

Any instances which are not specified in the CSV file will have their Host, Port and Taskset options configured via the Auto Configuration settings above:

export ds_ms_a_HOST=""
export ds_ms_a_PORT="4000"
export ds_ms_a_TASKSET="1-4"
export dm_rte_bridge_a_HOST=""
export dm_rte_bridge_a_PORT="3000"
export dm_rte_bridge_a_TASKSET=""
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