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KX Control supports TLS-encrypted traffic between processes. This exploits the kdb+ native support added in V3.4 [1].

To use TLS, a number of SSL certificates and environment variables must be set up.
KX Platform Deployment Guide

Once an environment is installed, TLS can be enabled at the KX Control or process levels. All combinations of KX Control and processes enabled are valid.

  • KX Control and processes all disabled
  • All enabled
  • KX Control disabled, some processes enabled
  • KX Control enabled, some processes enabled


KX Control is configured via an environment variable to use TLS. If KX Control is configured in a cluster, all instances should be configured with the same mode.


KX Control will only accept TLS connections if enabled, so all launched processes need to conform. Processes bundled as part of the platform and any kdb+ processes launched from KX Control will handle this automatically for the developer. There will be an extra parameter on the command-line (-prTLS). This is handled by the wrapper script Control uses to launch instances.


Instances can be individually configured to use TLS. This is done through the KX Control UI in the reserved parameters of an instance. Any processes with this setting enabled will require connecting clients to also use TLS.


Certain frameworks in KX Platform rely on making connections to, or receiving connections from, other processes. This should be seamless from the developer’s point of view, whether or not the client or server is TLS-enabled. When instance host/port details are retrieved (either from KX Control or elsewhere), the TLS info will be included.

Mixed mode

TLS mixed mode is supported for Control and instances. Processes with this mode set will be accept both plain and TLS connections simultaneously. The connecting client decides the protocol.

To ensure backward compatability with the interfaces, which use host-port details and connection strings, an environment variable has been introduced to default connections to TLS or plain system-wide.

  • If set to NO, all connections and host-port details will be defaulted to plain.
  • If set to YES, all will default to TLS

As an example, consider the following; * An RDB is configured as mixed * Another process wants to open a handle to query data * It downloads the host-port details from Control * If DELTACONTROL_TLSMIXED_DEFAULT=YES, the connection string will be use the TLS prefix - `:tcps://host:port * Otherwise the connection is treated as plain - `:host:port

Associated APIs

A number of APIs have been added to further support TLS within the KX Platform; and others updated to support the additional information needed to allow connectivity to TLS enabled processes.

Returns instance hostport in hopen format; updated to prefix with :tcps:// prefix if TLS enabled
Wrapper function for opening connections with .utils.dcc. Will build hopen string with optional prefix mode (TLS, domain sockets, standard)
.utils.getHostPort / .utils.getHostPortOnly
For building hopen connection strings based on a mode
Check if TLS is enabled on this process

Get TLS configuration for this process

To enable several or all process instances and connection entities to have their TLS status updated once an API has been added on the KX Control process. Validation is in place to ensure a connection entity has the same TLS setting as its corresponding process instance.


Parameters are:

  • process-instance list (symbol): for all process instances use `all or null
  • connection list (symbol): for all connections use `all or null
  • TLS setting: `on or `off

.pl.updateTLS[`all; `all; `on];

Non-kdb+ processes

Non-kdb+ processes launched via the KX Control DS_LAUNCH Process Template can be configured to have TLS enabled if the underlying implementation supports TLS. If TLS is enabled for these instances, the launch command will include the argument --instance-tls=on.

If the process needs to use TLS to connect to KX Control, the launch argument will include --deltacontrol-primary-tls=on.


As of September 2017, kdb+ doesn’t support TLS for the C interface, which is therefore not supported by KX Platform. Any C processes will be unable to connect to TLS-enabled processes.

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