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Process instances

Process instances are derived from a process template. They can be configured by modifying a set of parameters.

The parameters are described below in the following diagram. (Click to expand.)


Create a process instance (archive process example)


  1. From the File menu, pick New Process Instance

  2. Give the instance a name; e.g. dht_Archive


  3. Associate it with a package

  4. Select the DC_ARCHIVE template

  5. Screenshot

  6. In the Reserved Parameters tab, assign a Host (e.g. localhost) and a unique port (1-65,000)


  7. In the Instance Parameters tab, the Template default parameters will be defaulted to in the instance. Review parameters and update where necessary.


  8. Start and stop the process to test it. Search Process Library Status for the status of the Process Instance


Additional configuration

Warning alerts can be configured from the Shutdown Alerts panel.


alert description
Expected shutdown Normal shutdown via task finished or user request
Unexpected shutdown Shutdown unexpected; server died; process crashed …
Heartbeat Timeout Process stopped heart beating with Control

Various actions can be configured depending on the alert.

action description
Restart Instance Attempts to restart instances
Run new Instance Attempts to start a different instance
Run Workflow Runs a workflow
Close Connection Closes the connection to the process
SIGINT Interrupt Interrupts the process (*nix only)
Kill Process Kills the process

Process log on/off alert frequency

Process log on/off alerts are not published with each individual event, they are grouped and are published on a timer, by default this is every 3000ms.

This frequency can be configured using the environment variable in delta.profile


View the instance log file

This can be summoned from the Process Library Status



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