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Troubleshooting installation

Log file Location Description
install.log <bundle directory> Output of execution, basic information
installKxPlatform.*.log <bundle directory>/scripts Detailed installation log
DeltaControl.log <install directory>/delta-data/DeltaControlData/logdir Delta Control log
*.log <install directory>/delta-data/DeltaControlData/logdir A log file will be created for each process instance or task executed
e.g. ds_rdb_ops_a.1.20200319T092835083.out.log
catalina.out <install directory>/delta-bin/software/Tomcat_*/latest/logs Tomcat application log file, redirected console output
delta.log <install directory>/delta-bin/software/Tomcat_*/latest/logs Appserver application log file

Package not being picked up by installer

The installation scripts contain a set of known packages to install (e.g. core platform packages), if you have created a custom package, you will be required to configure your install.config file to tell the installer how to handle your package. See Package List Options for more details

Failed to install package

The install configuration profile of each package can define a list of packages which the package is dependant on to function. This installation script will check that these packages are installed, if this check fails the install script will exit with a failure.

grep DEP install_config/profiles/DeltaStream.install.config

Above we can see that in order to install the DeltaStream package, the DeltaControl package is required to be installed.

If the configuration profile does not contain the correct dependencies, and the installer will therefore continue to try and install the packages, it is possible to have a failure during the import of the packages to Control.

auto import failed to start see DeltaControl.log for more info

This will happen if there are entities that have dependencies on other entities which are not available yet. To solve this issue:

  • Add DEP to install config profile to catch possible issues earlier in the installation process.
  • If you are using Package List Options ensure the package order is correct.

Port changing during installation

The installation script has in-built logic to prevent an installation trying to use a port which is already in use on the server. Due to this, it is possible that the install script will not use the port specified during the installation or in the install.config file, but the next available free port.

[TOMCAT_PORT] Port [8080] in use
Using port [8082]

If this is not the expected behavior, you should ensure that there is nothing running on port 8080 before performing the installation.

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