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Archiving files

Control can be configured to archive files using the DC_ARCHIVE process template. A process instance of this template can be created, for example:


The findFunct parameter specifies the analytic which locates files to archive. The fileConfig parameter specifies the configuration to follow when archiving files. A task can be created to schedule archiving on a regular basis.


An override of the DC_ARCHIVE_FILES configuration parameter should be created and set as the fileConfig parameter in the process instance, for example:


Each row of the configuration parameter outlines a different action to be taken and when to take the action.

field description
directory The directory to search for files
fileRegex The pattern for file names to match
ignoreFileRegex File names matching this pattern will be ignored and not be archived
destinationDirectory If this field is populated dxFileGzip moves the GZIP file to that directory
numDaysOlderThan Files must be older than this to be archived, if this is -1 the row is ignored
analytic The action to take when archiving files

Use of environment variables are permitted with the directory and destinationDirectory columns.

Further customization can be carried out within a custom archive action.

Archive actions

Analytics can be created to perform any archive actions required. The two actions included in KX Control are

analytic action
dxFileDelete Deletes files according to the conditions outlined in the configuration parameter
dxFileGzip Zips files according to the conditions outlined in the configuration parameter
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