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Changes in 4.1.0



Ability to publish multiple tables in a single message


Components will attempt to re-establish subscriptions after losing a connection


Messaging servers can be configured in a cluster so only the leader accepts registrations. In previous versions without clustering, during failover scenarios two components can register with different servers and no matching occurs.

Clustering is disabled by default but can be enabled via the serverCluster instance parameter of the messaging server instances. The override selected should match that of any messaging components connecting.

Event callbacks

There are callbacks for a range of messaging events on sources and consumers. By default they are set to do nothing.

Report client

Kdb+ processes can act as a client of the report generator, and run reports programmatically. Communication with the report generator is by way of the Query Router.


Action tracker

Permissions governed from entity group. Easier setup with LDAP groups; eliminates manual permissioning step

Java email

Supports ENV-based configuration: Host, port, fromAddress

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