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Prepare deploy

Prepare Linux deploy

Before you can deploy the KX Platform, you will need to copy the following files onto the Server which will host the application:

  • KX Platform bundle(s)
    • Linux: GA + Patch bundles
    • Windows: Base + Patch bundles
  • License files

When the files have been copied to the server, the bundles will need to be unpacked.

On Linux the bundles should be untarred in order, the GA bundle first, then the Patch bundles.

$ tar -xvzf PlatformKx-4.6.0-Linux-GA.tgz
$ tar -xvzf PlatformKx-4.6.0-Linux-P1.tgz
$ ls PlatformKx-4.6.0-Linux/

Note: the GA and Patch bundles will extract into the same directory, merging the packages together.

Deploy Upgrade

When upgrading to 4.6.0 KX Platform, any existing deploys must also be updated to the new Inclusive Terminology See 4.6.0 Upgrade Process for more details.

Prepare Windows deploy

On Windows, the base Bundle should be unpacked into a directory which will host the deployment. (Note: the installation path must not contain any spaces).

Note: Ensure 7-zip is installed on your Windows server, see Windows Prerequisites for details.

To unpack click on the zip file select 7-Zip and then Extract Here.


The unzip will now extract


Copy licenses

The license files should be copied to a location which will be accessible by the application. If you are installing the application on a Linux server or running the deploy on a Windows server, you will be prompt to enter a directory which contains the license files, which during deployment will be copied into the ${DELTABIN_HOME}/config directory.