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Process details


On the KX Monitoring dashboard the Process Details tab provides tools for the investigation of problems with a process, specifically with regard to CPU usage, memory usage or network connection issues.

On this dashboard:

Process details selector


Use the selector table at the top of the dashboard to find processes of interest.

Double-click on any process in the table to populate the other sections of the dashboard.

The information displayed:

column content
SYM Name of the host group
NAME Type of process:,e.g. q, java, fix,
USERNAME User who started the process
USERGROUP User group the user belongs to

Selecting a process from the table will populate the screen with further information on the process for the time range.

CPU and memory graph


Displays a historical time-bucketed view of the process memory and CPU usage

Graphical net conn details


Displays a historical time-bucketed view of the number and aggregate queue size of the network connection details

Per connection details


Displays the following details of the connections a process has open.

column content
RECVQ Receive queue size
SENDQ Send queue size
TOTALQ Total queue size
RECVQBLOCKED Number of times the receive queue has been blocked: a connection is deemed blocked if the queue size exceeds a threshold determined by the Queue Size parameter
SENDQBLOCKED Number of times the send queue has been blocked
PID Process ID
REMOTEARGS Process arguments, which provide additional details about the running process
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