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Kdb+ async

  • Login to Analyst with kxSupport and create a sandbox process. Select Create and hit Connect


  • Open a handle to the running kxw_qr_gw service. The port in this case is 41203.


  • Execute the .mon.getMemAsync analytic with an id and dict as the parameters.

// Define the function for when the results are returned
// Log the id 
// Print the result in descending order if it's a table

collectResults:{[id; res] 
  .log.out[.z.h; "Collected results for id:", string id; ()]; 
  if[98h=type res; res:reverse res];
  show res;

h:hopen <PORT>;

// Run the two lines below together
.log.out[.z.h; "Message is being sent sync!!"; ()];
h(`.mon.getMemAsync; id+:1; dict);