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Splash-screen configuration

The default splash screen is displayed when the user navigates to the root address <host><port> and looks, for example, like the following:


The splash screen is defined by the file index.html in the folder …/webapps/ROOT.

The default splash screen can be changed to point to a different web page as follows:

  • Copy the new HTML file (newSplash.html, for example) to the same location as the existing index.html file
  • Update the environment variable APPSERVER_SPLASHPAGE to point to the new page. For example:

    export APPSERVER_SPLASHPAGE=newSplash.html
  • Restart the app server.

Now when the user navigates to img/splashscreen.png she will see the page defined by newSplash.html.

If the APPSERVER_SPLASHPAGE environment variable is missing or incorrectly defined, the default index.html page will be shown.

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