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Changes in 4.8.1

Key changes

kdb Insights

From version 4.8.0, KX Delta Platform has incorporated a number of features from kdb Insights.

KX Delta Platform 4.8.1 extends the kdb Insights feature list to include:

  • Object Storage
  • SQL
  • PyKX (new to 4.8.1).

Access to these kdb Insights features is enabled using feature flags in your kdb+ license file (k4.lic/kc.lic). Refer to Licenses for more details.

If you do not intend to use kdb Insights features and are upgrading from a version earlier than 4.8, you can continue using your existing licence file.

All KX Delta Platform customers, regardless of the status of the kdb Insights feature flags in their license files, continue to receive updates to kdb+ as part of the KX Delta Platform releases.

Kdb+ 4.1

KX Delta Platform 4.8.1 uses the latest q/kdb+ version 4.1

This includes many new and innovative features to the core offering such as:

  • Peach/Parallel Processing Enhancements
  • Unlimited IPC/Websocket Connections
  • HTTP Persistent Connections
  • Multithreaded Data Loading
  • Socket Performance
  • Enhanced TLS Support and Updated OpenSSL
  • More Algorithms for At-rest Compression


  • The REST Client provides sync and async methods callable from q. It also provides ease-of-use cloud integration by registering cloud platform authentication information.


  • The REST Server, exposes a RESTful interface to a kdb+ based system. REST API Server

Object Storage

Kdb Insights running beneath the KX Delta Platform allows authentication with cloud credentials via Kurl to get native access to cloud object storage.

Object storage


Support for ANSI SQL is built into kdb Insights. KX SQL means a user does not need knowledge of the q language to access KX Delta Platform data.



Support for PyKX is built into kdb Insights. PyKX is an interface between q, kdb+, underlying data types, and Python. Use PyKX to interact with kdb+ and apply analytics against vast amounts of data in-memory or on-disk.


New Platform Assets​

Full integration with the KX Machine Learning Toolkit through a Platform asset package.


Direct integration with MQTT through a Platform asset package. MQTT.

CVE Remediation

Established new vulnerability patching SLA. Closed out approximately 160 CVEs in 2024.

Compatibility and license information

KX Delta Platform on Windows

Kdb Insights features are not supported on Windows. KX Delta Platform uses kdb+ on Windows from version 4.8.0. onwards.

Using kc.lic

To use a kc.lic instead of the default k4.lic, set the use-kc-lic option at install. Refer to install options for more information.

Supported operating systems

Kdb Insights does not support some of the older operating systems that the KX Delta Platform supports. Refer to supported operating systems for more details.