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Realtime database

The traditional realtime database (RDB) captures all the data from the tickerplant and stores it in memory until the end of day, when it writes all of its data to disk and reloads the HDB.

However, with increasing data volumes, it is unrealistic to store an entire day's data in-memory. One of the solutions is to have a Log Replay process (LR) write data to disk (IHDB) periodically and release memory space.

  • To create an RDB, right-click on the Navigation panel in the KxWarehouse Package and select New > Service Class from the context menu.


  • In the Service Details, provide a description for the service.

  • Add the Service Parameters.

parameter value
subscriptionChannel kxw_tp
eodFunct dxEODSaveAndDelete
  • Add the monCore schema group.

  • Save the service.

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