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The report generator provides a framework for the automated generation of reports. It also facilitates user defined actions on the reports, including saving to disk (in csv or txt format), alert mechanisms and email functionality. The report generator connects to a remote process, runs a user defined analytic and executes a set of functions on the results.


The below table details the Report Generator template parameters.

name type default value description
initialStateFunct Analytic dxEmptyFunctionNull Specifies initial state tasks
replicationDirectory Symbol Directory to replicate report tables to
asyncDispatch Analytic dxAsyncDispatch Sends report query async to processes
collectFunct Analytic dxCollect Recieves results of report query
eodFunct Analytic dxEODReport Saves tables to hdbProcess
hdbProcess Instance HDB to save tables to at EOD
messagingServer Config DS_MESSAGING_SERVER Messaging server
subscriptionChannel Symbol Channel to subscribe to
subscriptionTableList Symbol[] List of tables to subscribe to
publishChannel Symbol Channel to publish on
publishTableList Symbol[] List of tables to publish to
qrEnabled Boolean true Execute reports via QR framework



Trims the target name when sending to the QR. The QR doesn't recognise the instance. prefix so remove this.


Name Type Description
name symbol Target


Type Description
symbol Trimmed target


.rpt.qrTrimName each `ds_hdb_fx_eval`instance.ds_gw_fx_eval

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