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The previous section described how to build a warehouse for data storage and realtime aggregation. The next logical step is for clients to be able to interface with the warehouse; extracting data for reporting, dashboards and subscribing to streams. In this section, the document will build some example interfaces using KX Delta Platform frameworks for best practices.

Query interface

The Query Router (QR) framework acts as the access layer for clients trying to access data warehouse processes. Its main tasks are;

  • to act as an entry point for client requests
  • routing them to one or more underlying databases
  • joining results and publishing back to clients
  • implementing load-balancing so resources are used efficiently

It consists of two main components: the Query Router (QR) and the Query Processor (QP). The QR process manages availability and routes client requests. The QPs collect and aggregate results to send back to clients.

This section will showcase different methods of requesting data from the warehouse, which will all use this framework under the covers.

Query Router

Routed requests

There are two main types of request. In the simplest case, clients know where the underlying data lives and what process(es) to target with the request.

However, this is not always possible or desirable. In this case, a routed request would be used. This is where the request target is determined by the QR. Usually this is used where the data exists across multiple processes and in this case the QR queries each of the selected databases and aggregates the results. This guide will show how to setup routed requests.

Client examples

To query the data warehouse, many technologies can be used. Example clients will be built for each of the following technologies, with sample code provided for each.

  • KX Dashboards
  • kdb+ async
  • kdb+ sync
  • Websocket
  • KX Connect (JS)
  • KX Connect (Python)
  • Java
  • C#

KX Connect

KX Connect is an application provided as part of the KX Delta Platform. It provides the means to design and implement a custom external facing API on to any solution built within the KX Delta Platform. Data can be retrieved via RESTful and Websocket interfaces. Streaming data is also supported through the latter.

In order to follow the next sections, make sure that all the processes created in the data warehouse section are running, as well as the QR framework processes.