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This is an overview of the report-generation process.

Report analytics : form the basis of all generated reports. Two working examples are given, both of which summarize trading activity and quote capacity statistics, and provide insight into potential applications of the report generator.

Report action analytics : define how the data returned by report analytics are handled: e.g. pushded to a tickerplant, or written to a CSV attached to an email.

Create and run reports : by defining a report – pick a target engine, a report analytic to query it, a report action analytic to handle the result, and schedule the report to run.

Generate PDFs : using JasperReports JRXML. Use configurable or dynamic JRXMLs – or see how to write

Custom JRXMLs : and get the full power of the reporting medium.

Report Client : providing the ability to programmatically run reports

Reports & the deltacomponent user : actions required if the deltacomponent user is configured to be a non-Administrator user