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The Real-time Engine (RTE) process subscribes to another process and receives streaming data from that process. It is configured to process the streaming data in a particular manner. It is generally configured to subscribe to specific tables and run high computational calculations, as specified by the realTimeMsgFunct analytic parameter, on these tables.

Typical use cases for an RTE process would include a PnL Engine or an RTE calculating and publishing enriched data such as vwap, moving averages etc. The RTE can also be configured to publish information sometimes directly to another Process within the framework or back to a Tickerplant so that other process instances can subscribe to any enrichment it does.


The below table details the RTE template parameters.

name type default value description
messagingServer Config Parameter DS_MESSAGING_SERVER Messaging server to connect to
subscriptionChannel Symbol Messaging channel to subscribe to
subscriptionTablelist Symbol[] List of tables to subscribe to
subscriptionColumnList Symbol[] Column to subscribe to in each table for the subscriptionFilterList values
subscriptionFilterList Symbol[] List of symbols to subscribe to
publishChannel Symbol Messaging channel to publish on
publishTableList Symbol[] List of tables to publish
initialStateFunct Analytic dxInitialDataState Specifies the Analytic to be used to initialize the RTE process
realTimeMsgFunct Analytic dxUpdInsertPub Update function to be used by the RTE
eodFunct Analytic dxEODSaveAndDelete End of day (EOD) actions
gatewayQuery Analytic dxQuery_basic Analytic which handles queries from the Gateway process
monitoringInterval Integer Time (in milliseconds) interval for publishing internal latency and throughput statistics
tableEodList Config Parameter DS_TABLES_EOD_LIST The tables that should be saved down to HDB at EOD event
subscriptionSource Process Instance List of processes that the RTE should subscribe to
consumerProcesses Process Instance List of consumer processes.
consumerAlertSize Integer Number of bytes in output queue of a consumer process to trigger an alert
consumerDisconnectSize Integer Number of bytes in output queue of a consumer process to trigger a disconnect
logReplayFunct Analytic dxLogReplayTemplate Analytic to replay the TP log
endInterval Analytic dxEndIntervalTemplate Function to call when TP sends endInterval trigger
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