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For access to Kx Plaform releases, visit the contact page and submit a request selecting Solutions and Tools from the Sector drop-down list.

Release bundles

KX Platform releases, come in the form of bundles, which are compressed files (zip or tgz) which include the necessary contents to be able to install/deploy the KX Platform, including packages and scripts.

For Linux operating systems, bundles come in two forms;

  1. A general availability (GA) bundle
  2. A patch (Px) bundle

GA bundles will be released for every major release (e.g. 4.5.0, 4.5.1, 4.6.0 etc), subsequent updates to the major release will come in the form of patch bundles. Patch bundles are cumulative, therefore there is no need to apply each patch version individually, installing the latest patch will include all previous patch releases.

For Windows, bundles come in the form of;

  1. A base bundle
  2. A patch (Px) bundle

The base bundle is the starting point for a KX Platform installation on Windows, once you have the base bundle deployed and configured, you can apply patch bundles. Each GA release will include 2 bundles. a base bundle and GA patch bundle. The GA patch bundle will allow you to upgrade your base bundle to the next major release.

Eval bundles

Eval bundles are available for Linux and Windows, which are bundles available for evaluation and demonstration purposes only. They contain sample data, configuration and workflows.

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