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Changes in 4.6.0

Key changes


Deployment docs are now included with the core KX Platform documentation.

Deployment documentation

The 4.6.0 release bundles will come with several new scripts:


4.6.0 Upgrade Process

Bundle changes

As Flash will reach EOL at the end of 2020, the 4.6.0 and any subsequent Platform bundles will no longer include the DeltaDashboard package containing Flex Dashboards.

Flash & the Future of Interactive Content

Install config changes

Install config options have been updated to use inclusive terminology, see mapping table below:

Pre-4.6.0 4.6.0+
delta-control-master-hostname delta-control-leader-hostname
delta-control-master-port delta-control-leader-port
delta-control-slave-hostname delta-control-follower-hostname
delta-control-slave-port delta-control-follower-port
always-import-on-slave always-import-on-follower

Ubuntu 20 support

From 4.6.0, the KX Platform supports running on the Ubuntu 20 Operating System.

Inclusive terminology

Changes have been made to use inclusive terminology:

Install config changes

4.6.0 Upgrade Process


API name change

Area Pre-4.6.0 4.6.0+
Workflow .wf.masterResetWF .wf.resetWF
Replication .r.getmaster .r.getLeader
Replication .r.alwaysSlave .r.alwaysFollower
Replication .r.alwaysSlaveRemote .r.alwaysFollowerRemote
Replication .r.ismaster .r.isLeader
Replication .r.slaveack .r.followerAck
Replication .r.slavesub .r.followerSub
Replication .r.cleanupslaves .r.cleanupFollowers
Process .rpl.ismaster .rpl.isLeader
Query Manager .qm.db.checkMasterGW .qm.db.checkLeaderGW
Permissions .pm.ldap_adduseronce .pm.ldap.adduseronce
Permissions .pm.ldap_updateGroups .pm.ldap.updateGroups

KX Control


The library used for Control LDAP integration has been replaced with KxSystems LDAP Interface

LDAP Search

LDAP API prior to 4.6.0 have now been deprecated. It is advised that the new Search API are used as a replacement.

Deprecated LDAP functions

.pm.ldap.filteredSearch - Used to find users or groups.

.pm.ldap.getGroupUsers - Download users under a specified group.

These functions have been replaced with .pm.ldap.runSearch.

Parallel hopen

A new parallel hopen, phopen, library is available in the Platform. It supports multi-homed environments and making parallel connections. This acts as an alternative to hopen where reconnection time and resilience are important.

Parallel hopen

Control host resolution

In some scenarios host resolution is not desirable as the resolution can return internal or non-addressable hosts. This is often the case in cloud, Kubernetes and multi-homed environments. This can cause the Control cluster to fail on startup as the resolved host does not correspond to an entry in failover.csv.

The host resolution can now be disabled and the host name passed from the remote process is trusted instead.

Parallel hopen

Control connection

This links to the previous point but similar issues have been seen on the initial connection a process makes to Control. When processes are launched, they are provided the host name of the current leader Control process. Often this is derived by the process itself and can be un-reachable, causing processes to fail on startup.

The default behavior in 4.6.0 doesn't use this value and looks up the failover.csv file instead. It connects to all Control processes to find the leader and uses this for registration. This resolves issues with host resolution. The new behavior appends a -prcluster parameter to the process command-line and can be disabled by setting below in delta.profile.


Instance deletion protection

Users are now prevented from deleting a running Process Instance from Control UI.

Checks will ensure that the instance and tasks are not running before allowing a deletion.

Task scheduling

Scheduled task execution will now only be carried out by the leader control instance. On scheduling a task the underlying in-memory tables will only be updated within the leader. On a failover event, tasks will be rescheduled within the new leader.

Housekeeping task executions are now replicated from the leader to follower instances, where previously these ran independently on each control instance schedule.

KxUploadServlet enhancement

Partial file uploads will now be suffixed with _part until completion.

On successful file upload suffix is removed and file is moved to configured destination.

QR registration

Configuration to allow a process to register as a client or database with the QR framework has been moved to the INSTANCE_CONFIG settings.


The DS_QR_EXCLUDE config has been removed. By default all the same processes in the default exclude config won't register with the QR.

QR routing

The dynamic routing of a routed requests within the QR, can be customized in the routingFunc field of the DS_QR_ROUTINGS parameter.


The performance of the API to delete configurations parameters has been improved, the call is 48% faster.

Startup ordering

Startup ordering

Processes no longer need to be started after the Control and MS processes.

Changes have been made to processes to assist with startup ordering issues. Previously, processes needed to be started after Control and the MS, and would fail if either wasn't running. In 4.6.0, this is no longer the case. If a process is started before either of these components, it will retry until it gets a connection. The retry will wait for 5 minutes for Control and 1 minute for the MS before reporting an error and shutting down.

Dynamic query manager addition and deletion

JavaStream API and appserver now receive details of active query managers on startup and also receive dynamic qm status updates (e.g. when new qm becomes available or existing qm is stopped). This allows additional query managers to be utilized during runtime and also stops repeated reconnection attempts for a query manager that has been permanently removed.

AXSTATE compression may be enabled

Setting AXSTATE_COMPRESSION=yes will compress new local repo tables. See Housekeeping

Configurable connection timeout/retry intervals

The timeouts for hopen connections and connection retry intervals have been made configurable for a range of connections:

Configurable failover actions

If Control fails over to another process in the cluster, unexpected shutdown actions could be triggered for the running Platform processes if they don't connect to the new leader Control process before the timeout is passed. The timeout and unexpected shutdown actions taken on failover are configurable

Failover Actions

Faster log rolling

The speed of log file rolling has been improved by a change from using cp and cat to renaming the logfile using mv and redirecting stdout and stderr to a new log file.

Checkpoint on export default behavior

The default behavior when a package is exported on a fresh KX Platform install has been changed to not take a new checkpoint. If an environment has been upgraded the default behavior will not be changed from what it was before the upgrade

Checkpoint on import or export

Behavior when subscribed parameter is deleted

When a parameter/override is deleted, .uc.republishUpdates can be used to publish the deletion to some or all processes that have subscribed using .uc.getAndSaveActiveParamValue or .uc.getAndSaveAllParam. The specified processes will have their subscriptions removed and the process handles will be removed from the subscriber list for that config entity on Control.


Analytic framework tables

Can now set the override name of DS_AF_* config parameters subscribed to for analytic framework structures, i.e. .af.* tables, using an INSTANCE_CONFIG setting, .af.override. If this is not present, a process will use the override matching the instance name or, if no such override exists, the DEFAULT override. The override used can be overwritten using .af.getAF* API.

Enhanced instance configuration

KX Stream

Tickerplant end interval

The function endInterval is called on all subscribers to a Tickerplant as the Tickerplant ends its current log interval. Prior to 4.6.0 there was no strict typing of the variable which is passed as the final (fifth) parameter of the endInterval call. As of 4.6.0 this parameter will always be passed as type Dictionary. dictionary will contain at least one key eod indicating if this is and End of Day interval roll.

Manual triggering of an interval cut with a non-dictionary value will have this value added to a dictionary under the key details. Any subscribers using this parameter within their definition of endInterval should make changes were required.

Process permission changes

Permissions on all Report, Alerts and ops processes now default to Yes to help reduce the risk of attack

HDB reload API

Additional utils api has been provided to request a reload of a remote HDB instance. .utils.hdb.reload has been deprecated and replaced with .utils.hdb.reload1.

HDB connection details are passed as before, but now the calling instance is no longer required to know/pass the -u system call flag of the target instance to the api.

RTE process template tickerplant log replay

When connecting to a Tickerplant instance, instance Heartbeats will be disabled before attempting to replay the Tickerplant log file. Heartbeats will be enabled upon completion of log replay.

Configurable connection timeout/retry intervals for messaging

The timeouts for hopen connections and connection retry intervals have been made configurable for messaging connections:


DS_MASTERED_PROCESS:DEFAULT and it's overrides have been removed from platform packages and replaced with DS_LEADERCLUSTER_PROCESS:DEFAULT and overrides. These are the same entities, just renamed.


Any overrides of DS_MASTERED_PROCESS in solution packages should be changed to be overrides of DS_LEADERCLUSTER_PROCESS.

They should have the same content, just be renamed.

Action tracker

Comment validation

Can now require a minimum length of comment when transitioning or closing an Action Tracker alert.

Comment length validation

Schema change, alertkey field

To avoid the sym file growing too large in the action tracker HDB, the alertkey field in the dxATItemCurrent table has been changed to be a string instead of a symbol.

Schema change, alertkey field

Closed item reissues

It is now possible to configure an Action Tracker to keep the same item id if there is a reissue for a closed item.

Closed item reissues

Additional filter, "alert"

Can now filter by the alert field of the dxATItemCurrent table on the action tracker dashboard.

AT end of day

The new default end of day function (dxATEOD1) will save closed items to the date partition in the AT HDB matching the date the item was opened. The pre-450 end of day function is still available if the previous behavior is preferred (dxATEOD).

End of day

Changes to reopen item functionality

There is now more control over reopening action tracker items:

  • Configure which closed queues can be reopened and which cannot
  • Specify which queue an item is reopened to
  • Specify an item is reopened to the queue it was in before it was closed

Reopen item validation

Subscribing to AT cluster

A process can become a client of the action tracker cluster by subscribing to some or all of the replicated tables on the action tracker process

Action Tracker Client

Action tracker as service

The action tracker, action tracker gateway and action tracker HDB can be run as services.

Runnning AT as a service

Data callback changes

The Data Callback APIs .ds.rte.executeUpdCallBacks and .ds.rte.addUpdCallBack used previously have now been replaced by the equivalent functions .dm.addCallback and .dm.applyCallbacks in the Messaging Server

Data Callbacks

KX Stream Java API

New configuration to allow parallel QP connections.

Decoupled QP connectivity from QR shard connectivity. Dynamic update of QR -> QP associations.

Extended DeltaStream interface to allow for a configurable timeout period before returning to the user thread if connectivity fails on initialization or at a later point during runtime.

Added ability to close and cleanup a DeltaStream instance within the user thread.


NFS mount monitoring

Additional configuration options have been added to the DM_FileSystemUsageAlert configuration parameter used as part of the File System Alert. A Boolean field strictMatch has been added to indicate if the platform monitor should attempt a strict match of sym field.

With this value set to true a strict comparison between sym and file system mount point is made. False will make use of wild cards to attempt a match.

Note if sym has been previously defined with wild cards, these should be amended or have strictMatch set as false.

KX Connect

Connect API

Connect API are now permitted to be defined without requiring parameters.

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