Entity subscriptions

Entities stored in Kx Control are often loaded into processes and used during runtime. The entity payload is usually downloaded on initialization and cached for re-use. In certain circumstances, the entity might get updated in Kx Control and the process would then be using an out-of-date version.

When a change goes through the Kx Control versioning, the updated version will be pushed to any subscribed processes. A subscription framework is bundled with the template API so processes can subscribe for these changes and update the locally-cached versions.

Subscriptions can be managed by entity or by class. The subscription functions use the keyword `ALL to subscribe to every entity for a given class. The Template API documentation describes the various APIs in detail.

Bulk and single-accessor APIs exist for each entity class. The supported entity classes are:

  • instance
  • analytic
  • dataconnectiongroup
  • connection
  • user
  • email
  • emaillist