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KX Stream

KX Stream is a platform for capturing, storing and enriching large volumes of data. It provides a framework to develop and deploy customized analytics that quickly perform complex calculations on large volumes of real-time and historical market data.

KX Stream
KX Stream deployed in a financial market

As part of KX Delta Platform, KX Stream can be used to analyze, visualize and alert on real-time streaming, in-memory and on-disk data – which makes it a good fit for many applications besides market-data capture. Features include:

  • Real-time tick capture and storage e.g. real time P&L and customized VWAP engines
  • Intra-day and historic querying and analysis
  • Define custom analytics of underlying data
  • Real-time signal generation and data enrichment
  • Signal processing and execution

KX Stream also provides base template scripts and libraries to extend this core data-capture functionality:

  • Build and run reports against both real-time and historical data. Generate PDFs from results.
  • Raise alerts based on incoming tick data. Notification framework to publish updates to interested end points
  • Fully configurable issue-tracking and workflow-management framework
  • Messaging service providing a publish/subscribe data-discovery interface
  • Log streaming and replay templates for auto recovery and backup

KX Delta Platform

KX Stream, like KX Control, is part of KX Delta Platform. End users are provided a simple framework to build complex data-capture and enrichment systems, provide multi-level permissions, package management, data visualization and much more within a single application.

KX Delta Platform is built on KX technology, the world-leading column-oriented database. KX technology excels at capturing, storing and analyzing data both in real time and historically. It offers a high-performance in-memory and on-disk database with extensive redundancy and fault-tolerance capabilities.

KX Delta Platform brings together hundreds of man-years of experience in building enterprise-level data-capture, analysis and visualization platforms. It has been engineered with the latest technology, and deployed on customer premises or hosted by KX in its data centers in New York, London and Tokyo.