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KX Monitoring

KX Monitoring gathers and displays information about the status of an environment in real time. It offers the ability to monitoring any number of servers within a system tracking critical server and process tatistics. Each server requires a SysMon Java application installed and running to collect run time information, while the KX Dashboards provide powerful tools for visualizing and analyzing the current and historical state of the system. As well as an active real time view of the status of an environment KX Monitoring offers powerful out of the box Alerting for potential system issues before they occur. The same Alert framework provided within the _KX Delta Platform can be extended to allow additional alerts to be implemented as required from the Monitored data.


The dashboard displays an overview of the current state of the system. It is an aggregated view across all processes running on all servers.

panel content
Top Processes processes using the most CPU and memory
Server Status number of alerts per server and the status of each server
Server Memory free and used memory stats for all servers
Server CPU busy and idle percentages for all CPUs
Server Disk Space free and used disk space for each server
Server Alerts active alerts generated when server thresholds are breached

Top processes


Processes using the most CPU and memory: those using nominal levels of CPU and memory are ignored.

column description
PID process ID
SYM host of the process
NAME type of process, e.g. q, Java
ALIAS configured alias for the process
PERCENT percentage CPU being used by the process
MEMORY Mb of memory used by the process
ARGS Process arguments

Server status


Number of alerts and the status of each server.

column description
SERVER server name
TOTALERTS total number of alerts per server
STATUS last alert on the server

Server memory


Free and used memory for all servers within the system. This can be useful in identifying the servers using the most memory.

Server CPU


Busy and idle percentages for all CPUs in each server within the system.

Server disk space


This graph displays the free and used disk space for each server defined within the system.

Server alerts


KX Monitoring fires active alerts when server thresholds are breached, ands lists them in the Server Alerts table.