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Decode data formats into kdb.

  • Click to edit node. When a node is clicked, the property panel to the right will be editable.
  • Right-click to rename a node, remove (delete) or duplicate a node. A duplicated node will copy the details of the node, including any defined properties in the original node. The duplicated node will have a -n numeric tag in the name.


Parse CSV data to a table.

CSV Decoder node properties.

item description
Delimiter Field separator for the records; default to ,.
Header Defines whether source CSV file has a header row; default to Always, alternatives are First Row and Never.

See Column Types for more information.


Decodes JSON Content.

JSON Decoder node properties.

Decode Each
When enabled, parsing is done on each value of a message.

JSON schema

The JSON decoder expects to receive a JSON string that defines an array of objects that contain <column name>: <value> pairs, e.g. [{column1: 1, column2: 1}, {column1: 2, column2: 2 }]

Protocol Buffers

Decodes Protocol Buffer encoded data.

Configure protocol buffers node properties.

item description
Message Name Name of the Protocol Buffer message object to use for decoding objects
Message Definition The definition of the Protocol Buffer message format to decode.
As List When enabled, the output will include field names and values

Definition Example

json Person { string name = 1; int32 id = 2; string email = 3; }