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kdb Insights Core 2.0.5

Release Date


Object Store

[NEW] Users can specify an explicit hostname[:port] in the S3 uri, as :s3://http[s]://hostname[:port]://bucket/path in addition to the implicit :s3://bucket/path in which case it will use the default amazon hostname, UNLESS the env var KX_S3_ENDPOINT is set e.g.

export KX_S3_ENDPOINT=

The default path style of virtual-hosted style requests can be switched to path-style requests via the env var


For example, the simplest setup uses http and path style requests. minio, and likely other stores, require the service and region to be set for the header signature. Presently these default to s3 and us-east-1, and the region is picked up from the env var AWS_REGION.

REST Client

[NEW] Flag to force the response to be type 4h, regardless of Mime type e.g. .kurl.sync (url; method; ``binary!(::;1b))

[NEW] Use KX_S3_ENDPOINT to set S3 URI, such as Enables the REST Client to register Amazon S3 cloud storage credentials, with a service like MinIO.


[NEW] Built upon KDB+ 4.0 kdb Insights 2021.06.09

[FIX] Load .py entry point without .p parsing issues

[FIX] Signal handling improvements

[FIX] Updates to M1 Mac build process

[FIX] Build more then one project at the same time e.g. qp build proj1 proj2 / where they're both qpk files

[FIX] Improvements to QPPATH parsing