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A Bar Chart with a Playback component

Replays time-series data in Data Grid and charting components

Set up

  1. Set a data source with a time series component.

  2. Assign a view state to Selected Value for selected time.

  3. Set the Time Column from the data source.

  4. Set the Interval Time to define update frequency on playback.



Data Source
A data source containing a time series (number, dates or timestamps), shared with the component being played back.
Selected Value
A View State Parameter for the time series.
Selected Column
An Integer or temporal column from the Data Source, used in playback sequence.
Time Column
A temporal column from the Data Source (can be the Selected Column).
Governs the rate of replay: in Event mode, each event is one unit; in Time mode, units are temporal.
Speed Controls

When checked, offers a choice of replay speeds.


Multi Controls

When checked, offers fast-forward and rewind.


Max Overall Time
Upper limit in data points (of the Time Column, e.g. seconds, nanaoseconds) for replay based on Selected Value View State Parameter.
Interval Time
Sampling interval of the Selected Value View State Parameter: values above 1 will skip data points; e.g. a value of 2 will use every second data point of the Selected Value View State Parameter.
Define default speed for playback.
Define for playback: 0 is static, 1 plays forward, -1 plays backwards. Multiples, e.g. 4 will play at x4 speed.
Display Warning Message
Support messaging enabled.

Margins, Style and Format

Style for common settings