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RT Configuration within kdb Insights Enterprise

Stream log files

When diagnosing issues with a data pipeline that uses an RT cluster (known in the UI as a KX Insights Stream) it is helpful to know where the stream logs reside. This is intended to assist you when the data does not flow to database, allowing you to find the files and identify how far the messages have travelled through the pipeline.

External publishers

component file location
C SDK /tmp/rt
Java SDK KXI_LOG_PATH environment variable
kodbc driver /tmp/rt

The SDKs create a directory name based one the publisher session name and by default the session name is defined as KC_CLIENTID.STREAMID.HOSTNAME. The user can overwrite this session name if necessary to handle deduplication, or have two publishers on the same host.

KX Insights Stream

component file location
Inbound Stream files /s/in/KC_CLIENTID.STREAMID.HOSTNAME
Outbound Stream files /s/out/OUT

Internal Publishers

component file location
Stream Processor /sp/checkpoints/rt_pub/{workername}.{ASSEMBLY_NAME}-{streamname}

Internal Subscribers

component file location
Stream Processor /sp/checkpoints/rt_pub/{ASSEMBLY_NAME}-{streamname}
Storage Manager /logs/rt/{ASSEMBLY_NAME}-dap-rdb-[012]/{ASSEMBLY_NAME}-{streamname}

Cluster RT Ports

port type notes
4000 TCP Sequencer used for the prometheus sidecar
5000 TCP Load balancer push server replicator (exposed outside of Kubernetes)
5001 TCP Internal pull server
5002 TCP Internal push server
7000 UDP Raft (exposed to other RT nodes)
7100 TCP Raft (exposed to other RT nodes)
8000 UDP Sequencer (exposed to other RT nodes)
9000 UDP Watcher (exposed to other RT nodes)