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Upgrading kdb Insights Enterprise

This section details the steps to upgrade kdb Insights Enterprise from a current install.

If you are upgrading kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace please refer to the guide here.



Currently the upgrade process will require downtime to ensure data integrity can be guaranteed. This means that before any upgrade is scheduled, a number of pre-flight checks are necessary

  1. Stop ingestion feeds

    Stop all feeds into kdb Insights Enterprise, to avoid data loss with in-flight data.

  2. Ensure latest version of kxi-cli is installed

  3. Ensure you have performed the Keycloak 18 migration steps if you are upgrading from 1.1.X to 1.2.0+


Having the following information to hand will help smooth the process

variable example further details
INSIGHTS_NAMESPACE kxi Namespace kdb Insights Enterprise deployed to
INSIGHTS_VERSION 1.1.1 Version of kdb Insights Enterprise to upgrade to
INSTALL_CONFIG_FILE values.yaml Install configuration created on initial install
PRE_UPGRADE_INSIGHTS_VERSION 1.0.0 Current kdb Insights Enterprise version
PRE_UPGRADE_OPERATOR_VERSION 1.0.0 Current kxi-operator version

Pre-Upgrade Versions

The currently running versions of KXI Operator and KXI base charts should be noted for a rollback scenario

  1. KXI Operator

    helm ls -n kxi-operator
    NAME        NAMESPACE       REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART                       APP VERSION
    insights    kxi-operator    1           2022-04-01 15:39:44.955236379 +0000 UTC deployed    kxi-operator-1.0.0          1.0.0
  2. KXI base charts

    helm ls -n $INSIGHTS_NAMESPACE

    NAME        NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART                   APP VERSION
    insights    kxi         1           2022-04-01 16:57:00.144126754 +0000 UTC deployed    insights-1.0.0          1.0.0

Operator Version

The CLI will install the latest operator minor version that matches the specified $INSIGHTS_VERSION This can be overridden by passing the --operator-version command line option.

Authentication Upgrades

By default the Keycloak realm configuration is not automatically re-imported on upgrade. This is to avoid resetting runtime changes made to the default user account back to realm defaults but also means any additional roles added to kdb Insights Enterprise with the upgrade will not be imported. It is recommended you enable this realm import when upgrading; and if you are actively using the the default user, review and update these manually within the Keycloak UI.

To enable keycloak realm updates, add the following to your $INSTALL_CONFIG_FILE

    enabled: true

Please see the section about authentication upgrades for more information about how to incorporate realm changes, during an upgrade.

Version-Specific Considerations

Please see Release Notes for any specific upgrade considerations for your version of kdb Insights Enterprise.


The kxi-cli is used to perform upgrades. The steps to upgrade kdb Insights Enterprise involves removing the current deployment and reinstalling the new version. This process does not remove the persisted data backing kdb Insights Enterprise configuration or databases. These remain as Persisted Volumes within the Kubernetes cluster.

The steps performed by the kxi cli are:

  • Backup assemblies
  • Teardown assemblies
  • Upgrade kdb Insights Enterprise, operator & CRDs
  • Restore assemblies

To initiate the upgrade, run the following command. This steps through the upgrade, prompting the user where required

kxi install upgrade --filepath $INSTALL_CONFIG_FILE --version $INSIGHTS_VERSION

Backup And Teardown Assemblies

The state of running assemblies are persisted to a local file. Respond y to the prompt asking to delete each assembly. This will teardown the running assemblies. Persisted data will be retained upon completion of the upgrade. The upgrade will be exited and assembly state restored if the user responds n to any of these prompts.

Backing up assemblies

Persisted assembly definitions for ['dfx-assembly', 'iot-assembly'] to kxi-assembly-state.yaml

Tearing down assemblies
Assembly data will be persisted and state will be recovered post-upgrade
Tearing down assembly dfx-assembly
Are you sure you want to teardown dfx-assembly [y/N]: y
Waiting for assembly to be torn down  [------------------------------------]    0%
Tearing down assembly iot-assembly
Are you sure you want to teardown iot-assembly [y/N]: y
Waiting for assembly to be torn down  [------------------------------------]    0%

Upgrading the Operator and kdb Insights Enterprise

Respond y to the prompt asking to install the kxi-operator. This will also upgrade the CRDs. The CLI will then upgrade kdb Insights Enterprise and restore assemblies to their running state

Upgrading insights and operator
Hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories...
...Successfully got an update from the "kx-insights" chart repository
Update Complete. ⎈Happy Helming!⎈

kxi-operator already installed with version kxi-operator-1.0.0
Do you want to install kxi-operator version 1.1.0? [Y/n]: y
Installing chart kx-insights/kxi-operator version 1.1.0 with values file from values.yaml
Release "insights" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
NAME: insights
NAMESPACE: kxi-operator
STATUS: deployed
Deploys the KX Insights Operator.

KX Insights already installed with version insights-1.0.0
Installing chart kx-insights/insights version 1.1.1 with values file from values.yaml
Release "insights" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
NAME: insights
STATUS: deployed
This chart deploys KX Insights base components

Reapplying assemblies
Submitting assembly from kxi-assembly-state.yaml
Submitting assembly dfx-assembly
Custom assembly resource dfx-assembly created!
Submitting assembly iot-assembly
Custom assembly resource iot-assembly created!

Upgrade to version 1.1.1 complete

Post-Upgrade Checks

Check the system is running correctly.

  1. Expected version of kdb Insights Enterprise is running

    kubectl describe cm insights-config | grep version
    version: insights-1.1.1
  2. KXI Operator installed

    helm ls -n kxi-operator

    NAME        NAMESPACE       REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART                       APP VERSION
    insights    kxi-operator    1           2022-04-11 15:39:44.955236379 +0000 UTC deployed    kxi-operator-1.1.0          1.1.0
  3. KXI base charts installed

    helm ls -n $INSIGHTS_NAMESPACE

    NAME        NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART                   APP VERSION
    insights    kxi         1           2022-04-11 16:57:00.144126754 +0000 UTC deployed    insights-1.1.1          1.1.1
  4. KXI Operator in running state

    kubectl get pods -n kxi-operator

    NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    insights-kxi-operator-6df4bcfddc-gnnjj   1/1     Running   0          85m
    insights-kxi-operator-6df4bcfddc-lqmrl   1/1     Running   0          85m
    insights-kxi-operator-6df4bcfddc-z45wq   1/1     Running   0          85m
  5. kdb Insights Enterprise in running state

    kubectl get pods -n $INSIGHTS_NAMESPACE

    NAME                                            READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
    insights-aggregator-9959bdc87-4pg7z             2/2     Running     0          9m47s
    insights-sg-gateway-596b486d9f-pmhf4            1/1     Running     0          9m47s
    insights-sg-gateway-596b486d9f-qvzbr            1/1     Running     0          9m47s
  6. KXI Assembly CRDs redeployed

    kubectl get crds | grep
                   2022-04-11T15:23:53Z            2022-04-11T15:23:54Z
  7. Ensure assembly is up and running successfully

    kubectl get asm

    dfx-assembly   A KXI Assembly   True             28m
    iot-assembly   A KXI Assembly   True             28m


Should the upgrade fail at any stage, kdb Insights Enterprise can be reverted to its previous state by re-running the upgrade command, passing the pre-upgrade versions

kxi install upgrade --filepath $INSTALL_CONFIG_FILE --version $PRE_UPGRADE_INSIGHTS_VERSION --operator-version $PRE_UPGRADE_OPERATOR_VERSION

Assemblies can be restored to their running state by executing

kxi assembly create --filepath kxi-assembly-state.yaml