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kdb Insights Core 2.0.7

Release Date


Object Store

[FIX] .Q.gz was not processing compressed data larger than 4GB. e.g.

q)r~.Q.gz .Q.gz(6;r:4294967295?0x00)
misleading 'OS reports: File exists' 

when malformed .z.zd is used to write compressed files, now reports 'file compression..., e.g. reads were excessively large for compressed|encrypted files from block storage since initial 4.0 kdb Insights.

q).z.zd:();`:/tmp/aaa set til 10
 'file compression - expecting (blockSize;algo;zipLevel) or filenames!((blockSize;algo;zipLevel);...)


[FIX] q could crash on startup whilst reading a malformed k4.lic (e.g. kc.lic renamed to k4.lic)

[FIX] On linux, processes started by \q would not be cleaned up on exit, shown as state Z or in ps output, again since 4.1t 2021.03.30 / 4.0 2021.04.06