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A panel with expandable sections

The Accordion component is divided into sections. Each section can hold a single component - including a nested accordion - or a workspace like Layout Panel.

An Accordion panel with sections containing a Data Form and Data Grid

Set up

  1. Define how many sections you need.

  2. Within each section, add a single component, layout panel, or flex panel for multiple components.



Switch between a Vertical and Horizontal accordion control. Can nest one Accordion component inside another.


Scale on Resize
Resize a child component when the accordion panel is resized, or wait until after accordion resize to resize child components.


A name for the section
Title Align
Sets position of Title in section bar: left, center or right

When checked, the Accordion will load with the section expanded.

Controlling the open and closing of accordion sections can be achieved by assigning a boolean View State Parameter to the Expanded property. By setting the View State Parameter to True ā€“ on a click of a Data Form Submit button for example ā€“ users can determine when elements of the dashboard become visible.

When enabled, the section will resize to accommodate its child component's dimensions where possible, for example resizing to accommodate a Dataform that can can take up different heights depending on the number of items and the width of the screen.
Some components, such as charts, do not specify dimensions themselves but rather fill their parent. In these cases a Flex section's dimensions is defined in pixels by Min Size and Max Size. The Weight and Resizable properties below do not apply to Flex sections.

This is a relative sizing measure to determine the viewable area for each section inside the Accordion.

For example, two sections of Weight 200 will each take up half of the viewable area (200/(200+200)). A section with Weight of 400 and another of 200 will occupy 66% (400/(400+200)) of the viewable area.

Section behavior on resize

If Resizable is checked, the values of Weight will change on interaction.


If checked, the user will be able to adjust the section size

Manually adjusting section size

Hide Title
When checked, suppresses the section title

Style, Format, Margins

Style for common style settings

Advanced CSS
Advanced CSS

Linking two sections

Multiple sections in a single accordion can share a behavior if they use the same View State Parameter as their Expanded setting:


Linking two accordions

Two or more Accordions can be linked so an expansion or contraction in a section of one will be reflected in another.

To do this, assign the same View State Parameter to the sectionsā€™ Expanded settings.