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kdb Insights Core 2.0.6

Release Date


Big Query API

[NEW] Stored procedure calls to BigQuery are now parameterized.

For example

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE mydataset.create_customer(name STRING)
INSERT INTO mydataset.customers (customer_id, name)
  VALUES(id, name);
SELECT FORMAT("Created customer %s (%s)", id, name);

In SQL can be written as

EXEC mydataset.create_customer @name = 'john'

In kdb Insights, this can now be written as

.bq.sp[`mydataset.create_customer; enlist[`name]!enlist `john]


[NEW] Built upon KDB+ 4.0 kdb Insights 2021.10.15

[NEW] qpacker can now delete docker images associated with the project when running using qp clean -docker

[FIX] qpacker will now honour the targets when building with extra options (see usage)

[FIX] qpacker now detects changes in underlying dependencies during a build

[FIX] Previous versions of qp allowed for the entrypoint in a qp.json file to have multiple values. It appears since 1.1.11+ this is no longer an option. An error is now reported for multiple entry points

qp.json format error                                                
Only single entrypoints are supported                                                                                                
['', ''] is too long in default  

[FIX] Improvements to qce installer

[FIX] Improvements to qpacker error handling

REST Client

[FIX] Allow minio password to be any length. Previously it required the password to be 40 characters similar to the AWS constraint.

REST Server

[FIX] Projections are now supported as endpoint handlers