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Logging Configuration


kdb Insights Enterprise components log to standard output, and so are available to kubectl logs or can be forwarded onwards to a log aggregator by a logging agent.

The kdb Insights Enterprise Terraform modules are configured by default to forward logs to AWS, Azure, and GCP's log aggregators. To capture application and system logs we utilize fluent-bit, which is a log processor and forwarder and is used to read all standard output from the pods running on the Kubernetes cluster and forward them to a log aggregation system.

Currently, the Cloud-Native logging tool of each Cloud Provider is used to store the logs and visualize them.


Terraform scripts

Logging is enabled by default on the terraform scripts and is controlled by the TF_VAR_enable_logging variable. To disable logging the variable must be set to false.

Sending logs to other log aggregation systems

The fluent-bit configuration is stored on the following files:


Please see the official fluent-bit documentation for the supported systems here.