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Release Notes - Insights Services

Initial Beta Release for all microservices.

Release Date


Service Discovery

[NEW] A cloud-native, scalable registry which stores, manages and distributes running services and their metadata for all other services within the Microservice driven application.

Microservice Docker Helm Chart
Discovery Registry
Discovery Proxy

Stream Processor

[NEW] A high-performance, scalable event-stream processing system implemented in q.

Microservice Docker qpk

Data Access

[NEW] Provides read-only access to all data stored in a database, regardless of where the data currently resides in the data lifecycle.

Microservice Docker qpk
Data Access Process(DA)
Data Access Operator

Storage Manager

[NEW] Handles data persistence and migration.

Microservice Docker qpk
Storage Manager
End of Interval(EOI)
End of Day(EOD)
Database Migration(DBM)

Gateway Service

[NEW] A unified access point for data that is spread across multiple processes.

Microservice Docker qpk
Resource Coordinator
REST Server
REST Proxy

User Interface

[NEW] An interactive data visualization tool that enables non-technical and power users to query, transform, share and present live data insights.

Microservice Docker Helm Chart


[NEW] Prometheus metrics sidecar image that provides four metric types: counter, gauge, histogram, summary.

[NEW] OpenAPI specifications for all microservices, and a library for generating server stubs from an OpenAPI specification that uses our REST server library.

Microservice Docker Package
Metrics Sidecar
OpenAPI SDK Generator