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kdb Insights Core 4.0.1

Release Date


New features

[NEW] function .Q.ld exposes logic used by \l to group script lines for evaluation.

q).Q.ld read0`:funcs.q
1                   2                5                    6
"/ multi line func" "f:{\n  x+y\n }" "/ single line func" "g:{x*y}"

[NEW] -p cmd line option (or \p system command) can now listen on a port within a specified range e.g.

q)\p 80/85

The range of ports is inclusive and tried in a random order. A service name can be used instead of a port number. The existing option of using 0W to choose a free ephemeral port can be more efficient (where suitable). Range can be used in place of port number, when using existing rules e.g. for hostname.

q)\p myhost:2000/2010
// or for multithreaded port
q)\p -2000/2010

[NEW] x) will try to load x.k_ if loading x.k fails

[FIX] The debugger could return incorrect line numbers for multi-line functions containing multi-line comments.

[FIX] Reading with 1: no longer strips quotes, e.g. ("abcd";"\"ef\"")~first each("**";4 4)1:"abcd\"ef\""

[FIX] Windows will now pick up versions of openssl prior to v3.