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Querying Data Overview

This section details some of the ways in which users can query the data, ingested in the previous section. Users can take advantage of two main methods for querying data. Click on the links below to learn more:

Using the UI

Query Lets you query your data using a set of filters governed by the getData API, kdb+/q, or sql. Freeform queries in kdb+/q or python can be run against an output variable in a scratchpad. And results can be viewed in a console, table or customizable chart.

Streams Gives users subscription access to real time data streams, allowing them to be queried as tables or visualized as data-charts

Using the REST API

Via the API the Service Gateway offers an authenticated, secure and OpenAPI compatible API to retrieve data from the system using the getData API

Prefer to use SQL? kdb Insights Enterprise allows SQL queries to be submitted against databases via the UI in query environments.