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kdb Insights Enterprise guided walkthrough

Welcome to this introductory walkthrough to kdb Insights Enterprise. You will learn about the features of the software, how to import data and visualize the results.

The walkthrough showcases kdb Insights Enterprise working with large data sets, interacting and visualizing the information you need to make business decisions. It also offers an introduction to some of the available data management options.

This walkthough requires no kdb+ knowledge or previous coding experience.

The project we'll work on

We will use kdb Insights Enterprise to fully understand the implications and the triggers that cause employees to have elevated levels of anxiety regarding travelling to the office.

You will build and visualize a solution that will promote a healthy attitude to returning to the office, and ultimately create a dashboard that provides an holistic view of the data.

Walkthrough Steps

Please follow the links below to step through this guide:

  1. Build a data assembly called insights-demo . An assembly is a collection of all the elements necessary to store, manage and explore your data.

    Free Trial users

    If you are using the Free Trial version of kdb Insights Enterprise this is already been created for you.

I want to learn more about building an assembly using the assembly wizard.
I want to learn more about assemblies

  1. Deploy the assembly and pipelines to ingest the data.

    pipeline data transport data format
    Weather Object Storage CSV
    Subway Kafka JSON
    Health SQL Database - PostgreSQL SQL
    Crime kdb+ Expression Protocol Buffer

I want to learn more about pipelines
I want to learn more about databases
I want to learn more about schemas

  1. Visualize your data using the view builder.

I want to learn more about views


If you need further information on pipeline or assembly deployments, you can access the logs from the diagnostics tab.

I want to troubleshoot pipeline or database issues.
I want to troubleshoot system errors.

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