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KX Insights Platform Walkthrough

Welcome to this introductory walkthrough to the KX Insights Platform. In this walkthrough you will learn about the features of the platform, import data and visualize the results.

The walkthrough showcases KX Insights Platform working with large data sets, interacting and visualizing the information you need to make business decisions. It also offers an introduction to some of the data managment options available on the KX Insights Platform.

This walkthough requires no kdb+ knowledge or previous coding experience.


With the advent of Covid, many companies have had to accelerate their digital transformation to maintain productivity through remote working practices. KX Insights Platform gives businesses the flexibility for their employees to work and interact with data no matter where they are located - be it at home or at the office.

Walkthrough Steps

Please following the links below to step through this guide:

  1. Build a data assembly called insights-demo . An assembly is a collection of all the elements necessary to store, manage and explore your data.

    Free Trial users

    If you are using the Free Trial version of KX Insights Platform this is already been created for you.

  2. Deploy the assembly and pipelines to ingest the data.

    pipeline data transport data format
    Weather Object Storage CSV
    Subway Kafka JSON
    Health SQL Database - PostgreSQL SQL
    Crime kdb+ Expression Protocol Buffer
  3. Visualize your data using the view builder.

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