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kdb Insights Core 2.0.0

Release Date


kdb Insights - New Features

[NEW] Release of the new kxce installer and rpm

REST Client

[FIX] Fix bug where kurl didnt validate AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY was exactly 40. Previously, if you wanted to use an Azure shared key, we supported this, but you were required to manually call .kurl.register. This now adds shared keys to automatic registration, and uses the same ENV var that Objstor uses for storage account name.

[FIX] Support PATCH body

[FIX] kurl support added for centos7

[FIX] kurl supports dynamic binding of and

[FIX] Allow HTTP PUT, without also setting CURLOPT_UPLOAD

REST Server

[FIX] Rest server no longer overrides and .z.pp resulting in breaking pre-existing handler chain. The rest server now adds its callbacks to a chain


[FIX] qp built apps now has better error messaging when running on Darwin

[FIX] Extension added to allow use of Nexus

[FIX] -nokurl option integrated into qpacker

[FIX] package --receipt output

[FIX] when the user installs the package, they must choose the installation directory (through means already satisfactory), but they must also supply a license. The license could be specific to that product, so a non KXCE-license cannot be used

  1. if a KXCE is in $QLIC or $QHOME or $HOME/q or (for convenience sake) ~/.qp.licenses/ it is copied into the package-specific license directory.
  2. the license can be given as a --license command line argument, whose argument is a base64url or base64 encoded string. in this way, license updates can be added

[NEW] qp man pages added

[NEW] qlocker base image is now configurable

[NEW] console added for Linux

[FIX] QPPATH fix to allow qpk pick up