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kdb Insights          

The cloud-first, multi-vertical, streaming analytics platform from KX

kdb Insights Enterprise runs natively on AWS, Azure and GCP as well as on-prem private-cloud environments. It has full support for Docker and Kubernetes.

Key Features

feature description
kdb Insights Enterprise           Built on kdb+
Multi-cloud, hybrid and on prem
Elastic Scalability
IAM and Auth
Friendly UI using Python, SQL and q
kdb Insights Built on kdb Insights
Object Store and REST support
Pluggable Microservices
Program in Python, SQL and q
kdb+ Fastest query speed
In-Memory compute engine
Extreme Scalability
PyKX An interface between Python and kdb+. It takes a Python first approach in which kdb+ is used primarily as a data processing engine and database and q as a domain-specific language embedded within Python. NEW

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